12250008_879998465429950_8211382293547348530_nBorn and raised in Kinshasa, DRC, Mulele’s music is influenced by the rich sounds and rhythms of Afrika*.

Mulele played professionally from the late 1990s, enjoying success early in his career in Southern Afrika, as bassist, guitarist and arranger with a flair for Kongolese styles still popular there today.

Affected by endless conflict back home, and inspired by outspoken artists before him, Mulele’s first solo album Prophecy (2012), marked a change in musical direction with bold lyrics tackling socio-political issues.

In 2014, with a high calibre of DRC artists, he recorded the Kinshasa Singles. He also organised the first Festival for Peace in his home town of Matete, which went down in history as the most peaceful all-ages public event the area had seen in decades. He was honoured with an ‘Ambassador of Peace’ title by the local government for his contribution to the community.

Currently, he is completing an EP with new afro-jazz project, Kongo Dia Ntotila; producing other artists; and making music videos for forthcoming new singles. His second solo album project, Biso Pasi, is also in the pipeline.

* Ask Mulele about his spellings of Afrika and Kongo, he will argue, “there is no ‘C’ in the original alphabets of Afrika… that ‘C’ is for ‘colonialism’, for which there is no longer a place in Afrika!” His theory is based on the original name for the great ancient Kingdom of Kongo.