Election! #Kabila #Yebela!

This is a message from the people to the president of DR Congo (DICTATORIAL REPUBLIC OF CONGO):
Your mandate is over. It is time to step down. Respect the constitution. And the voice of your people.

Afrique C’est Chic

New world pop collaboration bringing together Moroccan Gnawa blues musician Simo Lagnawi and Congolese folk artist Mulele Matondo, for a celebration of Africa in this explosive new anthem for dance floors across the globe.

The Kinshasa Singles

Afrika Tolingana (Afrika, let us love eachother) is the final music video of three singles written and recorded by Mulele and his Kinshasa ghetto superstars in DRC over the summer of 2014. Check all the music videos here.

Dark Valentine

The second music video from the Prophecy album, Dark Valentine is a song about love going sour. Listen to all 11 tracks and buy a digital copy on Mulele’s BandCamp page.

Animation Soundtrack

Mulele was commissioned to compose the soundtrack for an awareness-raising animation film about FGM in Tanzania by FORWARD UK, a women and girls’ rights charity.

Mali La Paix

A song for peace in Mali, written and produced by Mulele in collaboration with over 20 musicians and artists singing in about ten different languages.


The music video for the title track off Mulele’s solo debut, Prophecy. Listen to the full album and buy a digital copy on his BandCamp page.